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August 2015 - Good Counsel

Father Benedict’s Memorial Birthday Mass Homily

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A highlight during this summer of Good Counsel’s 30th anniversary year was a birthday celebration we had on July 23rd for our dearly departed co-founder, Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR.  Father Benedict meant so much to all of us at Good Counsel, and it was heart warming to see over 110 invited guests come out during a weekday into the heart of Newark, New Jersey to participate in a memorial Mass and to share lunch with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal inside their Friary. Read More

In Case You Missed It… Most Read “Good News” Blog Posts

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Being on the right side of the truth can sometimes be exhausting. It’s easy to become run down and disheartened when it seems the culture of death is closing in. But, there is always a light in the darkness! That’s why we love to share good news on our blog about our moms, babies, children, friends, and donors.

In case you missed them, here are our most read “good news” posts from the Good Counsel Blog! Click on a title (in blue) to read the entire post. Read More

The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary

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As we honor the Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary, The Book Of Revelations tells us “ a great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” We envision the picture of a remarkable woman, whom God has chosen to give birth to His Son, with the Son caught up to God escaping the terrible dragon that pursues it.

Mary, the symbol of perfect fidelity to God, remained without sin her entire life. By her obedience to His will, Mary set in physical motion the work of our redemption. The Word was made flesh in her and mankind was once more restored to God’s favor. The Blessed Virgin Mary, when the course of her earthly life was finished, was assumed body and soul into heaven where she now reigns as Queen of heaven and earth. Read More

It Was a Twin

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The videos released so far by the Center for Medical Progress are horrifying. For those of us who believe in, work for, protect, and defend the sanctity of life, hearing Planned Parenthood employees – at all levels – speak with such callous indifference about the innocent babies whose lives they snuffed out shakes us to our very core.

In video #5, one of Planned Parenthood’s henchmen, upon retrieving some “products of conception” for the undercover investigator, blithely remarks, “Oh, at 20 [weeks], it was a twin…” Read More

Good Counsel Homes Is Hiring!

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Good Counsel is a family for those in need, serving God who is the father of the orphan, defender of the widow, and who gives the lonely a home (Psalm 68). Good Counsel works diligently to help homeless pregnant women to safely have their new babies and provide Good Counsel mothers and their children shelter and comprehensive support while we help them gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be good mothers, capable of supporting their families in stable independence. This typically takes 12 to 15 months for each mother to complete our program and graduate. During this time Good Counsel provides meals, transportation, coordination of medical assessment and treatment for mothers and children, counseling, and especially Life Skills Training.

Currently, we are actively seeking candidates for the following positions:

Systems Administrator / Technical Support Analyst

Faith-based, pro-life organization seeking passionate Systems Administrator and technical support analyst for all aspects of technology, including mobile devices, computers, servers and networks for 7 locations in the NY-NJ area. Four years plus experience with small businesses. Additionally, the applicant must possess good communication skills; be willing to travel within the greater NY City area, and at times, beyond (candidate must have a vehicle); committed to the Catholic values of the organization. Competitive salary and benefits. Send cover letter and resume to: Read More

Welcome, Baby Amaris!

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Please help us welcome the newest, beautiful addition to our Good Counsel Family! Baby girl Amaris was born on July 27th, weighing in at a happy 6 pounds, 8 ounces. Amaris’ mom came to our Good Counsel home very sick and in need of a lot of tender, loving care due to her high-risk pregnancy. Many of our staff worked above and beyond to minister to Mom and baby to ensure a safe, healthy, and happy delivery.

Good Counsel House Manager, Eva Newton, was on deck as Mom’s birth coach which she was more than excited about. Eva said, “As the birth coach, I cut the cord… I had never had that experience before!  God was so present in the room.  Mom was a champ, and baby was a willing participant. This is our mission and for this we are called.” Read More

Good Counsel Receives Grant from Wells Fargo

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Good Counsel Homes South Jersey was awarded a $1,000 grant on Wednesday, July 22nd by Wells Fargo to support our mission of working diligently to help homeless pregnant women to safely have new babies and provide mothers and children shelter and comprehensive support while helping our moms gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to be good mothers, capable of supporting their families in stable independence.

“At a time when donations from the public and private sectors are down due to the economy, we truly appreciate the support Wells Fargo has provided,” said JoAnn DiNoia, Fund Developer for Good Counsel‑South Jersey. “We will use this grant to carry out our life-saving work here at our home in Riverside.

Read More

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