In Case You Missed It… Most Read "Good News" Blog Posts

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Being on the right side of the truth can sometimes be exhausting. It’s easy to become run down and disheartened when it seems the culture of death is closing in. But, there is always a light in the darkness! That’s why we love to share good news on our blog about our moms, babies, children, friends, and donors.

In case you missed them, here are our most read “good news” posts from the Good Counsel Blog! Click on a title (in blue) to read the entire post.

Former Good Counsel Baby Now a Superhero!

Ariana has been excelling in school all year, and just a few weeks ago she came home with the “SUPERHERO AWARD” for Courage! Ariana’s mom explained what her teacher had told her about the award. “Each month they discuss a different core virtue, and then they give the award to the student who most exemplifies that virtue.” The Courage Award, the teacher went on, is given to a student “willing to step outside of their comfort zone, try new things, work with new people, and take on difficult tasks they aren’t sure about.”  Read more here.

Never Too Young to Start

When we are baptized as infants, our godparents and parents agree to our baptismal promises for us. As we get older, we are held accountable to live up to those promises. Olivia, a young parishioner from The Church of St. Isaac Jogues in Marlton, New Jersey, demonstrates that you are never too young to begin to answer the baptismal call to serve. Read more here.

12 Things to Know about a Good Counsel Mom

She comes from many walks of life. Any woman, at any time, could find herself in the situation of needing Good Counsel.

She welcomes new mothers to the home with a smile.

She learns to trust as a result of being in our homes, trust in herself, trust in others, and trust in God.

She will help the other mothers in the home whenever it’s needed… Read more here.

Staten Island Status Update

I asked Dawn what reopening the Staten Island home means for her. She said, “It’s really hard for me to put into words what it will mean to the community for the Staten Island house to re-open. Eight beds may not seem like a lot, but it is eight more beds than we have now. Our residents may come from all over, but reopening this home is also a wonderful opportunity for a local mom who may be working or going to school and is in need of some support.”  Read more here.

From Homeless to Health Aide

One mom recently arrived at Good Counsel with her two-month-old baby after having found herself with no other place to go. We are glad she knocked on our door! She told us that she had worked as a home health aide before but had stopped working for a while. We worked with her to get her re-certified as a home health aide. She recently passed the necessary exams and is now in the orientation phase of her re-entry into the workforce. We are so proud of her! Read more here.

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