It Was a Twin

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The videos released so far by the Center for Medical Progress are horrifying. For those of us who believe in, work for, protect, and defend the sanctity of life, hearing Planned Parenthood employees – at all levels – speak with such callous indifference about the innocent babies whose lives they snuffed out shakes us to our very core.

In video #5, one of Planned Parenthood’s henchmen, upon retrieving some “products of conception” for the undercover investigator, blithely remarks, “Oh, at 20 [weeks], it was a twin…”

Not only was that individual and unique human being torn apart by violence, but he or she was also torn apart from the sibling who moments before shared what should have been the safest place on Earth, their mother’s womb.1-2015 Babies

All the more reason we have to take heart that there is always good in spite of evil, life in spite of death. One of our Good Counsel moms is currently carrying twins – twins who are safe, healthy and cared for. Mom is busy preparing for their arrival and their new life with the help of Good Counsel. She is working toward living independently, steady employment, and taking care of her needs and the needs of her babies.

Good Counsel supports her, and all homeless, pregnant mothers who knock on our door, solely with the support of donors and friends. We do not receive any government or taxpayer funding. We care and provide for both the mom and baby, or babies, on a shoestring budget buoyed by love, prayer, and grace.

At Planned Parenthood, it was a twin. At Good Counsel, it is a twin.

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