Abortion or Get Out!

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Kayla’s aunt gave her an ugly ultimatum: get an abortion… or get out! A young woman with a big dream, Kayla studied at City Tech with plans to launch her career in advertising and graphic design. She rented a room from her aunt, but everything changed when she found out she was pregnant.

Kayla was desperate.

Then she heard about Good Counsel Homes and our commitment to saving lives by supporting her throughout her pregnancy and equipping her for motherhood.

Kayla is here now. Safe. Loved. Sleeping in a real bed. Working full time, building a future for herself and her baby. But when her baby arrives, to keep her dream of self-sufficiency alive, Kayla will need childcare. This is why I’m turning to you today.

Did you know that childcare can change everything for many mothers in our homes? Having dedicated, loving workers care for their children right here, on site, allows these young women to keep their jobs, finish school and stay on the path to a fresh start.

We have 36 children in childcare right now! But without your support today, we may have to cut back on childcare services, and the hardworking mothers of these 36 children could potentially lose their jobs and their hope for a brighter future. It costs just $100 to provide a full week of much-needed childcare so that a child’s mom can go to work or school.

Please help us keep this vital program going for these mothers and their children. It is because of you Kayla, and moms like her, can go to work or school. Please give today! You’ll be helping these moms begin to support themselves and their children—with hope for their future. Can they count on you?

Thank you for always responding from a heart of compassion. God bless you.

In His name,


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