Pro Abortion and the Fear of Mercy

Posted by | September 10, 2015 | News | 2 Comments

In the past week I have read many articles from the secular media regarding the Pope Francis’ words on the Sacrament of Reconciliation and abortion. Two of them stand out. The first was an article from Cosmopolitan magazine, ”I Don’t Need Forgiveness for My Abortion,”  and the second from the Huffington Post, “Pope Francis, Inequality & Abortion.” Both are left-leaning publications that are clearly pro-abortion. Both seem to be terrified at the thought of the Church offering mercy and forgiveness for abortion.

Of course, mercy and forgiveness after abortion are nothing new.  Mercy and forgiveness have always been available in the Catholic Church for those who want it.  However, the coming “Jubilee Year of Mercy” is sounding the trumpet far and wide, putting the secular world on notice, letting those who may have fallen away from the church know they are, and always have been, welcomed back. That is a definite threat to the pro abortion movement who has depended on their script of the big, bad, dark church being responsible for any negative feelings you experience as a result of an abortion. They have done an excellent job of making women feel as though forgiveness from the church is impossible, and sadly because of their own feelings, women have bought in to it.

For decades, pro abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, NARA, NOW, Catholics for Choice, and others, have blamed the stigma surrounding abortion on the church. They tell us over and over, the reason we feel guilt and shame is because of the church. They have brainwashed women and it has worked. Countless numbers of women have felt there was no place for them in church and that abortion is the unforgivable sin. It has been easy to believe because the act itself is so contrary to a mother’s nature.  It is not unusual to feel guilt and shame and it is easier to blame the church than come face-to- face with what you have done.

It is hard to pick up a magazine or paper without reference to the stigma caused to women by the Catholic Church. Like with abortion itself, the art of distraction has worked well, shielding the truth behind the rhetoric that has caused countless numbers of people to doubt the mercy of God and His longing and love for them.

Yes, the pro abortion movement is terrified of mercy because they know it is real. They have seen more and more women who are post-abortive gain peace and healing through the church and then begin to proclaim the truth of abortion to others who are suffering in silence. Mercy has lifted the veil of deceit and countless numbers of women and men are embracing the forgiveness, hope, and joy of Christ.

“Be Not Afraid!” the Church is here and always has been. Has mistakes been made? Yes, often speaking about the sin of abortion without mentioning the mercy of God, leaving women to doubt forgiveness.  But, the call of mercy is now loud and clear, reaching throughout the world to those who desire peace and forgiveness.

The proabortion groups should tremble. They will lose a lot of people this coming Jubilee Year. By the grace of God, I pray they too will heed the call to mercy so that they can find the joy of Christ in their lives.

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