Trafficking Baby Body Parts – The Price We Pay

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There is nothing so ingrained in my mind as my aborted son being dumped into a large plastic jar labeled “3A” on the front. As a teenager I was coerced by my dad to have an abortion I did not want. I, like many young girls who are kicked out of the house, or threatened with it, caved in to the pressure to abort because I had no job, no money, no place to go and was abandoned by those I loved to get the result they wanted.

It took years for me to move past this traumatic experience and find the help I needed to heal in a society that continues to deny the impact of abortion on countless numbers of women who have experienced abortion.

Motivated by my experience once I did find healing, I have spent over twenty years helping other women who feel like I did to work through their abortion experiences. It is heart wrenching work. There are the women whose boyfriend tells her she is ruining his life, the parents who refuse to allow a birth, and the husbands who threaten to leave if she does not abort. Without much effort we receive at the minimum, 15 new people every month seeking help for what the APA, Planned Parenthood, and countless others refuse to even acknowledge exists. It is a travesty towards those women they claim to care about, but as we know from personal experience, what they actually care about is abortion, not, as they try to make people believe, the women they serve.

Some say “If you do not want an abortion then don’t have one”, or, “my abortion did not bother me.” They try to make it seem like all women choose abortion freely, or that it is easy for some. The fact is, countless women are coerced into abortion, by husbands, boyfriends, parents, school, job or financial situations, and millions are impacted in a negative way.

Now we have the Planned Parenthood videos. It is amazing how the media has chosen to ignore them, again at the expense of women.  The lies and deceit of this organization are allowed to continue as they try to make it seem the videos are edited (full versions are online at the Center for Medical Progress) or that they were tricked and misrepresented. The truth is, it is their very own words that condemn them.

I cannot even put into words the damage the revelation of these videos has done to those who have experienced abortion. Planned Parenthood says they were given consent by the women; I can assure you the women were so upset going in for an abortion or made to feel guilty if they would not sign a consent paper they did not even understand at the time, convincing them they were bringing good out of a bad situation. That is the only reason they got consent. It is beyond evil. It is real, living evil.

After over twenty years of doing this work I now find myself sitting here horrified by the thought of what happened to my own son dropped into that jar decades ago. Did I sign a paper? I have no idea! I was young, frightened, traumatized and abandoned. I remember thinking once I saw my aborted son, “How is it possible that this is legal?” In light of that the thought of harvesting his body parts would not surprise me. It is heart-wrenching and honestly makes me fear for the soul of our country. How do we allow this?

Still, even after the reality of what is happening, politicians are reluctant to defund Planned Parenthood. They listen to people like Melissa Ogden who survived an abortion attempt testifiy before them, and remain unmoved. I have to ask them why? Does Planned Parenthood give you so much support and money that your political ambitions supersede this horrific act? Are you leading such promiscuous lifestyles that you need abortion? Maybe you fear you will be threatened in some way if you choose to defund them? What is it? Are you that cold hearted? I honestly just do not get it. I would venture you will tell me it is about keeping abortion legal, but that is not the issue here; the issue is the harvesting and trafficking of babies.

I ask America in general, why are you still defending Planned Parenthood? Have you watched the videos? Do you even know about these videos the media is trying so hard to keep from you? If not, go watch them. I would like to believe anyone who sits and watches them would immediately want to have Planned Parenthood defunded, and do anything they can to make sure that happens. It is the responsibility of us all when such a horror is happening with the consent of our government. If you would take no action after seeing them, a letter to your representative, a phone call, something, I actually feel sorry for you. What are your reasons for continuing to allow such evil?

In the meantime, I will try as best I can to help those who have sustained additional suffering because of the videos. I will also pray that those who refuse to defund Planned Parenthood really examine their motives and decide if what they are doing, in the long run, will be worth the price they and our entire country will have to pay in the end.

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