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Because you love the mothers and babies here at Good Counsel, I’m trusting that you’ll want to know about this – and I’m praying you will send help right away.  The need is truly urgent.

The end of the year is fast approaching and Good Counsel is facing a $250.000 shortfall. 

You know our homes are humble. We only spend what we receive. And we rely totally on the Lord, and on generous friends like you, for our entire budget.

But these last few months, more mothers are coming to us in desperate need, like Martine. She arrived at Good Counsel seven months pregnant, feeling abandoned and utterly alone. But here she found hope. “I have a place to stay with a huge support system… a stepping stone to a brighter future,” Martine said.

It is for mothers like Martine that I cannot cut back our care for moms and babies – especially with more coming through our doors every week. This is why I’m asking you – with a huge sense of urgency – please give one final gift before the end of 2015!

Thirty-six babies have been born this year while their moms were in our care, and another three are due before New Year’s Day. You saved them!

December 31 is fast approaching. With your help and the Lord’s grace, I believe the shortfall can be overcome. Please give as generously as possible, and as quickly as possible.

Your gift today will save a baby’s life and transform the lives of both mother and child.

Thank you in advance for being the answer to prayer. And may your Christmas be joyous; and your New Year be blessed.

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Christopher Bell +
Good Counsel President

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