Pray for Our Struggling Moms

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Today’s Gospel focuses in on the Canticle of Mary, and it is very fitting as we begin our conclusion of Advent and are on the doorstep of Christmas. But this is a Journey Toward Mercy, and as we read Mary’s words, they are much more an exultation of a merciful God, who is looking to save His people rather than a self-proclamation of how important Our Blessed Mother is. Sadly, many people can’t make this distinction.

All that Jesus does is for our benefit, and as Mary said so eloquently, “He has mercy on those who fear him in every generation.” God’s mercy goes beyond self-created numbers that only 144,000 will be saved. He does not care what your skin color is, where you were born, or what accent you may speak with. What is most important is your heart.

At Good Counsel some of our mothers struggle with the pressures of the secular world: their looks, their clothing, their jewelry, and all the trappings that the secular world uses to judge. It is our job, as gently as possible, to let them know God is not very concerned with your external makeup. He was born as a baby so that He can minister to your internal being!

Prayer for Today

Merciful Jesus, help me today to put aside my prejudices of how people look or act on an external level. Help me to see the real person inside, and encourage me to make my interior life present to those around me. Amen.

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