Leave a Christmas Message for Our Moms

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Briana was so scared.

Her boyfriend had promised her a beautiful life. But when he learned she was pregnant, he abandoned her. Briana couldn’t find work. She couldn’t stay in the shelter with a baby. She was on the street and she was terrified.  By God’s grace, she learned about Good Counsel. Briana was still afraid. She wondered how the other moms living in the Staten Island home would treat her, but her desperation led her to take the chance.

Thanks to generous friends like you, there was “room at the inn.”

Good Counsel was able to take Briana in and like the innkeeper on that first Christmas night who offered some measure of comfort and a little bit of hope, so did our family here.  In that humble place, 2,000 years ago, a baby was born. That night changed the world forever.

You’re changing the world too through your support of Good Counsel.  This Christmas, I invite you to welcome another frightened young woman like Briana into our homes. Your generous gift today will give a mother and child their first Christmas together. You will help keep our doors open by helping to raise a total of $837,348 between now and the end of the year.

Thank you in advance for opening your heart to a mother and a baby in desperate need. And throughout this Christmas season, may you be blessed!




P.S.  I invite you to take a moment to leave a comment below, a virtual Christmas prayer, that we will share with our moms. Thank you for your generous support of Good Counsel moms and babies!

There are several ways to make your donation today:

  • Click here to get to our secure online donation site to make your tax-deductible donation or to send an e-check. Because this method significantly reduces handling costs, more of your gift will go directly to help provide a safe haven for mothers and children who need you.
  • Call our office at 201-795-0637 to make your special credit card contribution or monthly credit card pledge.
  • Mail your check, made payable to Good Counsel, Inc., to: Good Counsel, P.O. Box 6068, Hoboken, NJ 07030
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