Santa Visits Staten Island

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Santa and his helpers, the Ladies of Charity, came to town and a merry time was had by all.  All of the moms and children at our Staten Island home received gifts.  Everyone will be warm and cozy when the weather turns cold with their new hats, gloves, and scarves and cuddly blankets for the children.  The Ladies of Charity have been long time friends and supporters of Good Counsel.  At the recent Cardinal’s Christmas Luncheon on December 9th, current President of the Ladies of Charity, Nancy C. Waters, said…

Not just today but EVERY day since 1902, we Ladies of Charity provide practical support and service to any Catholic Charities agency that needs us.  Case in point:  the Good Counsel Homes for Moms & Babies, co-founded by the indefatigable Christopher Bell & the late Fr. Benedict Groeschel.  We don’t just write a check; rather we also clothe those babies, hold those babies, comfort those babies – and dream about the potential person that little baby will become because its Mom chose not to abort.  We share Catholic Charities’ mission to support the women & children throughout the Archdiocese.  In this Year of Mercy just commencing, the Ladies of Charity will continue to reach out making a difference.

All of us here at Good Counsel are so grateful for these special women and the time they take to care for precious mothers, babies, and children.  Be sure to sign up for the Good Counsel email list so you don’t miss out on any of the good news from Good Counsel!


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