An Urgent Request From Chris Bell & Good Counsel Homes

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The clock is ticking fast toward the end of 2015 and I know many of you are looking to celebrate tonight.

I too would like to celebrate, but I need to let you know that Good Counsel is facing a $250,000 shortfall and I am asking if you can make a gift right now to help us end the year in a good financial state. No gift is too small and every gift helps!

Many wonderful things happened at Good Counsel Homes in 2015. We re-opened our much needed Staten Island home and began caring for many more mothers this year.  We also expanded and improved our daycare center in the Bronx which involved licensing fees, training, and a larger staff.

In 2015, we expanded our intake process as every day, more homeless pregnant women are contacting Good Counsel via email and social media.  All of this wonderful and necessary expansion and growth has caused the $250,000 shortfall, but I am confident if enough of you who are reading this right now make an online gift tonight, we can see this deficit disappear before the clock hits midnight!

If you have the time, here is a short video I put together asking for you to consider a year end tax-deductible contribution:

Let’s ring in the New Year celebrating life and thanking God for all the blessings He gives to us. Thank you for any gift that you may be able to make now.



Christopher Bell +
Good Counsel President




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