You Can Help Moms & Babies Have a Real Christmas

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That’s how Sandy felt.  After she got pregnant, her mother rejected her. Shame was written across her heart, like an ugly scar.

But then came Christmas. And everything changed.

When Sandy first came through the door, she couldn’t believe I would take her in. She couldn’t believe Good Counsel would love her, care for her, become a safe place for her to have her baby, and teach her to be a mom.

“Why would you do this?” she asked. “Why would anyone do this for me?”

I told her the truth: God wants Good Counsel to help every precious life, like yours, like your baby’s. Every life is special.

Today I invite you to share the life-transforming power of Christmas with more mothers like Sandy, with all of the mothers and babies in our care. Please give a Christmas gift to touch many precious lives with the love of God.

Many of our moms are no longer welcome in their own birth families. Some can’t go back because of an abusive or dangerous situation. Yet here, thanks to you, moms and babies can have a real Christmas.

Please give a generous gift today! Thank you for being a part of our Christmas miracle. God bless you for your generosity and love, for the mothers, and for the babies. And may you have a most blessed Christmas!

Yes, I want to help a mom & baby this Christmas!

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Christopher Bell
Good Counsel President

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