Happy Tears on Christmas Morning

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Christmas at Good Counsel is an eventful and emotional time. The days leading up to Christmas Eve did bring some sadness for our moms over the fact that they were not able to buy presents for their older children or their unborn babies. That sadness was soon replaced with joy and gratitude on Christmas morning when moms at all five of our homes received so many gifts thanks to you, our supporters, and friends. Their joy grew and grew as they opened presents for themselves, their children, and their unborn babies. Our moms are always taken aback by the kindness of people they don’t even know. But we know who you are, and your generosity brings tears to our eyes as well.

One of our moms received a cozy comforter for her bed, with a note attached that said,

“I am honored to give you this gift because years ago when I was in your situation, I made a different choice. Thank you for choosing life for your baby.”

For many of our moms who, before coming to Good Counsel, suffered heartbreak, despair, and often domestic violence, encouraging words of support make a huge impact.

Other moms were sad before Christmas at the thought of not being “home” for the holidays, either because home is far away or because their idea of home has only been just that, an idea or a dream unrealized. Those longings were quickly replaced by feelings of peace at the realization that Good Counsel was their home right now, and like any home they could imagine, here they are surrounded by love, hope, and encouragement.

Most homes had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner that our moms helped to prepare, adding their own individual touches. Other moms baked their favorite desserts to share with their Good Counsel family. Christmas day was filled with delicious brunches and dinners, and the excitement of our toddlers was contagious.

We begin the New Year as we ended the last one, with our hearts overflowing with gratitude, praise, and thanksgiving for your unbounded and loving support of Good Counsel, our mission, our ministry, and our moms and babies.

Be assured of our continued prayers for you in 2016 and beyond.

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