Thank You for Helping Us Pay the Bills in 2015!

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Thank you!
Praise God!

It was no small achievement when in December Good Counsel still needed to raise 25% in order to cover the bills. Even as the clocked ticked toward midnight on December 31st, I simply just didn’t know if those bills would get paid.

But, thanks to you, we made it!

What you gave online in those last hours or sent in the mail the last few days of 2015 provided what our moms and babies need to keep warm and well fed. Your generosity also supplied good counselors and mentors for our moms to begin 2016 with the next best step in confidence and hope.

We’ve begun 2016 with three new babies born already since January 1st. At the time of this post, there are 33 children in our five homes, plus 18 pregnant moms with possibly two more moving in today.

Since New Year’s Day, 129 woman have called our 24/7 national helpline (800.723.8331) or contacted us online from around the country asking for advice or immediate help. You are reaching each desperate mother with support, guidance, and tangible assistance.

I thank God for you and for all those who care enough for each baby and each mom who calls for help. You make the difference in each and every life.

For a full accounting of our finances, we will soon begin our annual audit. You can view our prior audits and IRS filings here.

Thank you for everything you did in financially supporting and spiritually, praying for Good Counsel’s mothers and babies.

During this Year of Mercy, may God bless you for truly touching the poorest of the poor: homeless pregnant women and babies before and after birth.

Praise God!


Christopher Bell
Good Counsel President


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