Winter is Here! Will You Help Good Counsel Homes Stay Warm?

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You do not need to live in the northeastern section of the United States to know how hard the recent snow storm affected all of us, particularly at Good Counsel, where most of our homes experienced 2-3 feet of the white stuff!

We are very grateful none of the homes had a power loss despite the blizzard conditions and high winds.  We managed to bunker down as the snow piled up!

As with all things, Good Counsel relies on your generous support to keep the lights and heat on.  As we face this cold winter, we are pleased that there has been a dip in the oil prices during this season.  However, we do have one additional home open this year on Staten Island, so our utilities costs are just about the same this year as last.

On an average day we have about 100 homeless mothers and their children staying at one of our five homes.  Good Counsel will spend about $9,400 in utilities, gas, and heat during this winter and I would like to ask if you can send a sacrificial gift today to assist us with this necessary expense.

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Winter is no time to spend extended time outside but, after the recent storm some of our mothers and children couldn’t resist some playtime in the snow.  Please enjoy the pictures of their fun! What a wonderful thing to come in after playing to a cozy home and warm up with a mug of hot chocolate!  That scene repeated itself quite a lot after this blizzard!

Please consider a gift for the 2016 Good Counsel Heating Campaign by clicking on the link below and helping us all stay warm this winter!

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Christopher Bell

P.S. Your tax deductible gift not only helps warm those inside our homes, but also makes it possible to keep homeless pregnant women off the streets!  Please help us today in reaching our Heating Campaign goal of $9,400!  Thank you!


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