Moms & Babies Forced Out of Good Counsel Home - Please Help!

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Most of us have fond memories of Valentine’s Day, and at Good Counsel we always try to make it a special day for the mothers living inside each home.

This Valentine’s Day, however, was very rough for the mothers in our Harrison, New York home, which we call Daystar. Daystar is a special residence because it is one of only a few in the entire country that will take in homeless pregnant women who have a dual diagnosis of mental illness and/or substance abuse. Many women who fall into this classification often are pushed toward aborting their babies.1-harrison emergency crop

With the frigid arctic air that came across the area this past weekend, the pipes in the Daystar home froze and burst, showering water over electrical outlets and a panel.

So on Valentine’s Day (Sunday) the mothers and children of Daystar, located on the grounds of St. Vincent’s Hospital, were moved out. Six of the seven mothers went to our home in Spring Valley (Rockland County), New York and another was placed in the Bronx Good Counsel residence so she would be near her job in Westchester County.

Due to the damage from the burst pipes, the local Building Inspector in Harrison has condemned the building and has prohibited Good Counsel and our residents from occupying it.

I am writing you today because Good Counsel is now facing an incredible and enormous expense of relocating and reestablishing the mothers who lived in Daystar. Will you send us an emergency sacrificial gift now?

The mothers in our Daystar program have exceptional needs, and many were receiving medical and other important services from St. Vincent’s Hospital. Making sure they can continue to get proper care will be our priority, but there will be quite a bit of unanticipated expenses while transporting them to appointments at a location that now is no longer within a short walking distance.

Please consider the most generous gift you can make right now. It will help us in our care to some of the most vulnerable in our society.  If you prefer to make out a check, please write your tax-deductible donation to: Good Counsel, and mail to: Good Counsel, Box 6068, Hoboken, NJ 07030, please note in the memo or on the envelope: Harrison Emergency Appeal.

In the spirit of St. Valentine, thank you for mercifully loving the mothers and babies of Good Counsel!

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Christopher Bell
Good Counsel President

P.S. Winter is a rough time of the year to be homeless and pregnant! Please give now to assist us through this emergency housing crisis!

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