You Saved 38 Lives!

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We are amazed when we take stock of what is accomplished in just a year here at Good Counsel homes, but even more incredible is the amount of support we continue to receive from you, the friends, and family of Good Counsel. Whether your support is financial, prayerful, or hands-on volunteering, know that we remain grateful each day of the year as we pray for you, in thanksgiving, every day.

We won’t ever stop saying it – we can only do what we do because of what you do.

In 2015, our occupancy rate was 101%, meaning all five of our homes was at or near, or over capacity. Not having room is not an issue for Good Counsel. We’ll make a room if the need arises, in the chapel, or in a re-purposed office space, because we never say no to a homeless, pregnant mother in need of a place to stay.

In 2015, Good Counsel housed 436 mothers – precious moms who had literally nowhere else to go. They knocked on the door, and we opened it, welcoming 436 scared, frightened, and vulnerable women with love, compassion, and hope.

In 2015, along with 436 mothers came 341 children! Yes, it is our primary mission to serve homeless, pregnant women, but a vast majority of our moms have older children too, and we make room for them as well. This fact often sets Good Counsel apart from most shelters, frankly because we aren’t a shelter, we are a home.

In 2015, Good Counsel welcomed 38 babies. 38! That’s an average of three a month if you do the math. Some births came in baby-booms of 3-4 to 5 in a span of a week or two at some homes keeping our staff on their toes. Still others came two at a time when we welcomed, with great excitement, two sets of twins in 2015.

38 precious lives saved from abortion.

38 babies, 341 children, and 436 moms benefited from Good Counsel’s all-encompassing pro-life ministry – to love them all – after a heroic “yes” to life.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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