A Good Friday Message from Father Groeschel

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On this Good Friday when we once again fast and abstain from meat, we look briefly at the words of Jesus on the cross. When He says, “It is finished,” we know that He has paid the price for our sins. It is a mystery how someone can take on all of the sins past, present, and future but our faith tells us that this is so.

For Good Friday, we are blessed to offer you a video reflection by Good Counsel’s co-founder, Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR, recorded just six months before he passed away.  In the video, Father Benedict speaks about Good Friday and Good Counsel.

As we commemorate Good Friday, let us be thankful for all Christ has done for us.

Good Friday Prayer

Dear Merciful Jesus, Please give me new insights on this day so I can truly call this Good Friday. Make it a holy day so I can truly appreciate the sacrifice You made for me. Allow me to appreciate more all You did so I can share the mercy I receive with all whom I encounter. Amen.

Please, allow us to pray for you! Click here to share your prayer requests so that collectively, as the Body of Christ, we may lift up each other’s burdens.

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