Happy Easter from Good Counsel!

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Happy Easter!

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad!

Acts 10: 34a, 37-43; Colossians 3: 1-4; Sequence of the Paschal Victim; John 20: 1-9

If you have ever had a lack of faith, today is your day!

If you have ever considered yourself to be “a loser” and have never tasted victory, today is your day!

If you have ever questioned whether you are lovable or if anyone cares about you, today is your day!

This is the day the Lord has made and we all have reason to rejoice and be glad. Today is the day we rejoice that Our God rose from the dead and defeated sin! He opened the doors to Heaven and mercifully gave us an entry pass so that we can be with Him in paradise.

On this Easter Sunday we hear from Good Counsel President Christopher Bell as we rejoice on this blessed day.

Prayer for Today: Merciful Jesus,   Thank you for loving me so much that you died and rose so that I could experience Your merciful love and be saved! Let all I do on this Easter Sunday be a reflection of Your love, and as I celebrate, let my actions point to You. Amen.

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