Moms Like Julie Need Your Help Now

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Pope Francis has declared this the “Jubilee Year of Mercy.”

I was privileged to hear him at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. As he spoke of those in desperate need of God’s mercy, I couldn’t help but think of the frightened women who enter our homes every day.

Young women like Julie.

b5d33d35-0862-442b-9732-368e135850afJulie was an honor student in high school, has a college degree. But she arrived at Good Counsel exhausted, victimized by a violent boyfriend. Pregnant. Spurned by family members. Homeless. She was desperate.

Then it occurred to me: YOU are doing exactly what Pope Francis is calling us to do—demonstrating mercy.

Your mercy made it possible for Good Counsel to take Julie in… to provide a safe place to stay, meals, and a fresh start in life for her and the other moms in our care.

That is why I am asking you to please consider giving a special online gift now so Good Counsel can welcome the next Julie who turns to us for comfort, mercy, and a real home at a critical time in her and her baby’s life.

Many moms feel they don’t deserve mercy when they arrive, but Jesus shows us otherwise. He reached out to people rejected by society… and changed their lives. I’ve seen this happen again and again at Good Counsel, with mothers’ lives transformed through love.

Mercy changes everything! Will you help? Please share a special gift today to give life-changing help and lifesaving hope to a mother in a time of great need.

Thank you again and God bless you!


Christopher Bell
Good Counsel President

Mercy! Love! Hope! GIVE NOW



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