A Typical 7 Days at Good Counsel

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Once a week our House Managers gather with administrative personnel on a teleconference where news from each individual Good Counsel home is shared.  It’s a productive meeting where joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams, and challenges are shared and accomplishments are celebrated.  It offers the chance to collaborate, share positive outcomes, and ask for prayers. The notes from just one of our weekly meetings offer both a broad and intricate picture of our mission statement in action.

The House Manager from Harrison reports:

  • they currently have 6 mothers in residence and 4 babies
  • 2 of the 6 moms just arrived this week and 1 of them has already jumped into Life Skills programs and the other is ready to begin as soon as she’s settled in a bit more
  • 2 of the moms who have been with us for a little while continue to work as they await the birth of their babies

Our Spring Valley home:

  • has 8 mothers in residence and 6 babies
  • 2 moms are going to school in an effort to secure well paying, stable employment now and for after their babies are born
  • 3 moms are currently working
  • 1 mom, who just gave birth to a beautiful little girl about 2½ months ago, has struggled with nerves during job interviews. Just this week she applied online for a job and the employer conducted a phone interview with her.  She breezed through the phone interview with confidence and poise

Over on Staten Island:

  • 7 moms and 6 children keep our staff and volunteers on their toes
  • 4 moms are currently pregnant and 2 are working
  • 1 mom is set to begin Home Health Aide classes next week. Not only will she be attending HHA classes, but she may go back to the job she had prior to giving birth and she has an interview lined up this week for another position showing much determination and is a role model for other moms in the house
  • 1 of the moms in residence came to us as an emergency intake which can be due to a variety of factors including domestic violence and/or the pressure to abort her baby
  • 2 moms have had their due dates pushed up so babies will be here sooner rather than later
  • the home held a “Volunteer Appreciation Day” this past Sunday and the House Manager reported that everyone had a great time, enjoyed being in the kitchen, listening to music, and cooking together
  • the moms are headed out to another pregnancy care center on Staten Island to give back what they themselves have received. The center they are going to visit recently experienced a fire, so our moms will be dropping off donations

In South Jersey:

  • 10 moms and 8 babies fill up every room in the house
  • The chapel has been converted temporarily for a mom for the last two weeks. Grateful for her accommodations, mom is very determined and has been searching for jobs
  • 4 moms are currently working
  • 1 of our moms who gave birth to twins not too long ago just landed a job. She traveled to Philadelphia for the interview on the day of the Villanova celebration parade!  It worked out for her though as she has secured the full-time, well-paying position – an awesome step toward new life for her and her babies

Last, but not least, our Bronx home:

  • is blessed with 14 moms and 18(!) children
  • 1 mom, due to deliver a precious baby girl in July, was recently admitted to the hospital for acute appendicitis.  Emergency surgery was performed and she and her unborn baby girl are doing fine.  While mom is in the hospital, her 3 older boys wait patiently back at the house, being cared for by staff.  The boys are compliant and obedient – a testament to mom’s parenting skills no doubt.
  • Another mom will be sitting for board exams for EKG and phlebotomy classes. Once she passes the exams, she will be certified to render two services, making her much more employable.

All of this happens in just one week at Good Counsel!  We are grateful for your prayerful and financial support as we carry out our mission.  Click here for ideas on how to help the moms and babies at Good Counsel.

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