Thanks for Sharing Your 2016 Lenten Journey With Us

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I would like to thank those of you who signed up for our 2016 Lenten Campaign for taking your journey with our Good Counsel family.  I, along with the rest of our Good Counsel family, prayed with you and for you, and I hope that each day’s reflection and prayer enhanced your walk with Our Lord.  Be assured that if you did lay down any burden on our prayer request page that all of us here at Good Counsel kept those intentions tucked in our hearts each day of this Lent. Thank you for entrusting your wants, needs, and hopes with us.


Finally, I truly hope that this Lenten campaign is just one of many steps we’ll take together. The Lord brings us together for many good things.

I also hope that you’ll continue during this Easter Season and beyond to journey with me and our Good Counsel family as we help homeless, pregnant women find their way to new hope and new life.

I’d like to stay in touch. Not daily, though. Occasionally, I’d like to continue to be in touch by email. You may receive emails sharing good news about the current happenings at Good Counsel, or updates on some of our moms and babies. I’d love to share struggles and successes with you. I need your continued prayers and help.

If you would like to continue receiving emails from Good Counsel Homes, please click here.

Please, let’s keep praying together. Again, thank you for walking with Good Counsel this Lent. God bless you greatly during this Season of Our Lord’s Resurrection!


Christopher Bell +
Good Counsel President



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