Good Counsel a Safe Haven for Pregnant Mothers

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On May 6th, Good Counsel held its Annual Ball for Life in Manhattan, New York.  The evening began with a Mass for Life at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, with Deacon Peter Venezia, who has baptized many Good Counsel babies, assisting at Mass.

The evening proceeded at the Racquet and Tennis Club with great camaraderie, from the reception, throughout the well-received talks and delicious dinner, dancing to the music of the talented Glenn Drewes Orchestra, and ending with the always greatly anticipated jewelry auction.  Superbowl Champion Matt Birk and his wife, Adrianna, stalwart prolife advocates, were honored with Good Counsel’s Reflection Award for their heroic witness to the Culture of Life, and received a prolonged standing ovation.

Another highlight of the evening was hearing former Good Counsel mom, Ruth Skoblicki, speak passionately of her journey from despair to safe haven, made possible by the compassion of Good Counsel staff and volunteers.  Good Counsel could not offer the kind of life-transforming help Ruth needed if not for the kindness of our supporters, many of whom we were delighted to see that beautiful night.  For all of you, everywhere, who could not attend the Ball for Life in 2016, there’s always next year!  In the meantime, you remain in our prayers in a special way.

As John Hinshaw, Good Counsel Director of Operations, said at the podium that same night, when a homeless, pregnant mother shows up at Good Counsel, “it’s not a question of paperwork and wait a couple of weeks… we get to you… now.”  The immediacy in which we carry out our mission and ministry is what makes Good Counsel unique.

Thank you, again, to everyone who joined us in New York City for the Ball for Life, and we invite everyone to please enjoy this video which captures of the highlights of the evening.



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