A Baby Girl is Alive Today Thanks to You!

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By God’s grace… on a sidewalk… outside an abortion clinic… a friendly stranger posed a hopeful question: “Do you know that you could keep your child?”

Soon after, Leah was looking at a live image of her six-week-old baby, moving within her womb. “I was shocked,” she says. “I had to protect my baby. I had to make a way.”

It’s a girl! A beautiful child, alive today, because your support brought her mother to Good Counsel.

prolife, ultrasound, HB2, mothers, homeless, women, babies, lifesaving, year of mercyBut even as you read these words, we have ten more mothers expecting babies this summer. I need your help to be ready to provide for them after their babies are born.

Would you send a generous gift? Your online gift today will rescue mothers like Leah in their hour of greatest need, help them start over, get on their feet, and become great moms!

My urgent plea comes to you for the sake of mothers who have no other options.

But your love intervenes! Leah is learning to trust God every day, just like Psalm 9:10 says: “Those who know your name trust in you; you never forsake those who seek you, LORD.” This is your love in action!

I will never turn away an expectant mother. But during the difficult summer months, many of our friends go on vacation and giving slows – please help us be here for the next mother in need, the next baby at risk.

I’m so grateful I can – and the mothers can – count on you! God bless you.

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