What’s the Good News from Good Counsel?

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As we continue to hold weekly teleconferences with the house managers from all five of our homes, we’d love to keep sharing our good news with you!

A very large First Communion Class of 145 children chose Good Counsel for their “Year of Giving” service project.  As a class, the children assembled gift baskets with baby items and items for moms.  Spring Valley House Manager, Nanette, visited the class to collect the baskets to deliver to our moms who were delighted with them! (In case you missed it, Nanette was recognized by Cardinal Dolan about a year ago for her service.  You can read about her award here.)

The much needed electrical system upgrade at the Spring Valley home was finally completed.  An added bonus – right before the first heatwave of the season – the electrical system can now support window air conditioners.  The air conditioners were installed just in time and our moms were ecstatic!  For some, it is the first time they have ever had air conditioning and they are very grateful.  It is a joy to see something most of us take for granted appreciated so very much.

Mother’s Day celebrations were held at all of our homes and the Riverside home was blessed with many, many gifts and donations for Mother’s Day.  They received so many that House Manager Alyson was able to share with all of the other homes.  The mothers felt so blessed by such generosity that they used their Life Skills class to learn how to write thank-you letters.  Hand written thank you letters were sent to all those who donated items or sent gifts in honor of Mother’s Day.

One of our moms at the Staten Island home who gave birth the first week of April was very excited to have landed a job and is now actively working.  She is very excited as she checks goal after goal off her list and to see proof that her hard work is paying off.

Miss Morgan from Intake was pleased to report that we had taken in a new mom who had been sleeping on the train the previous two nights with her newborn baby.  She was getting off the train to bathe the baby with wipes when she could.  She had been staying with the father of the baby and his parents, but after an argument, they put her out.  She did go to the PATH (Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing Office), but because this mom was in such dire need of immediate help, and did not meet the criteria for PATH, they referred her to Good Counsel where we have no criteria or preliminary paperwork for a homeless, pregnant mother in need. The good news is that now she is safe in a Good Counsel home and after having someone there to watch her baby so she could take a shower, she was feeling much better.

Please continue to pray for all of our mothers at Good Counsel, their babies, older children, and our staff and volunteers as we will for you.

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