Childcare Critical to Good Counsel's Prolife Mission

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Would you help a pregnant, desperate mother never to be homeless again?  And would you help her to save the life of her unborn child? I have a real, practical way you can help right now.  Please allow me to explain…

If childcare were not available for our moms, they would remain stagnant and leave our care without furthering their education, obtaining a GED, or finding stable, secure employment.  Childcare is absolutely critical to the mission of Good Counsel.

When a homeless, pregnant mom enters one of our Good Counsel homes, the first thing we do is attend to her most crucial needs―food, shelter, and clothing.  We also address another very critical priority:  the well-being of her precious, unborn baby.

daycare, bronx, nyc, child care, prolife, prochoice, pregnancy, mothers, babies, caregiversAs we prepare for childbirth, we begin to set goals and help her plan for her future. This way she and her new child can have a successful, independent life outside of Good Counsel.

But one major concern is this: who will care for her vulnerable, new baby after birth as she begins to create a stable life and hopeful future?  Whether it be continuing her education, looking for a job, or actively working―our mom’s success is impossible without a good, loving support system.

Fortunately, with your help, Good Counsel gives her a way…

Since 1985 our Genesis Daycare Center in our Bronx home has been the support system for our moms as they rebuild their lives.  Staff and volunteers have lovingly cared for babies and children while our mothers return to school or work and get back on their feet.

Unlike most daycare centers, you will not find bouncers and playpens in Genesis.  Rather, based on proven Montessori methods, infants and toddlers are free to explore their environment, specially prepared for them.  Toddlers grow in confidence as they learn to set a place mat, napkin, and glass for lunch. Our infants express pure joy while lying on their tummies for sensory and motor work. All of our children thrive with activities such as circle time, interactive songs, and outdoor play.

While our mothers take steps to improve their lives, to heal, and to grow, they can be confident their children are well cared for, educated, and inspired.  What a team they will be when they graduate from our Good Counsel program stepping forward with confidence and hope!

Confidence and hope are possible because of your generous support of the mission and ministry of Good Counsel.  Therefore, I humbly ask for your generous support today. Would you please consider making a donation for $25, $50 or even more?  Every dollar you give will provide the support and love necessary to transform a young mother’s life from destitution to a bright and hope-filled future.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  Matthew 25:40

Please give now. Thanks and may God bless you!


Christopher Bell
Good Counsel President

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