Good Counsel Family Expands to the Gulf Coast of Alabama

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Love Them Both Where They Live


What if you learned that a mother was about to be put on the street, with no place to live and her baby at risk?

Not long ago, I got a call like that.  It reminded me of 31 years ago, seeing homeless mothers and babies coming into a crisis shelter.  I remember meeting pregnant mothers on the streets of Manhattan and praying, “Father of the orphan, defender of the widow, such is God in His Holy Place” (Psalm 68), and feeling that the Lord was asking me to respond.

That’s all part of why I started Good Counsel.  And thanks to you and many other generous friends, I’ve been able to say “yes” to mothers and babies in need for three solid decades.  Thank you.  Praise God!

Today, a special place called Mary’s Shelter is asking urgently for help – because without our help, they’ll have to shut down.  They’re not here in the New York area.  They’re on the Gulf Coast, serving women from Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle.prolife, crisis pregnancy, homeless, charity, moms, babies

But the mothers and babies they’re caring for are just as precious to God as the mothers and babies in the New York area.  The bottom line is that today we have an opportunity to save more babies’ lives.  Unborn babies who are targeted for abortion, because many mothers are in crisis and don’t see any possible way to care for a baby.

That is why I’m making a special request today, to ask for your generous help to rescue moms and save babies in the tri-state area of Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle, just between Mobile and Pensacola, turning Mary’s Shelter into Good Counsel Mary’s Shelter Gulf Coast.

I believe it’s time to do this.  For 30 long years, many homes for pregnant women, all over the country, have called me pleading for help.  Good Counsel has helped homes similar to Good Counsel open in eight states, but the need is much greater.

When Mary’s Shelter called me from the Gulf Coast, I just had to say yes.  They’ve been working and serving, helping mothers and babies for 10 years.  Mary’s Shelter has helped many moms and babies, but the momentum began to slow.  The home occupancy fell well below capacity and life skills programs fell below their potential.  If they don’t find help now, they will have to close their doors.  I pleaded with God for His guidance.  I asked the Holy Spirit to lead us.  I believe Our Lord is responding that now is the time to stretch out by Faith.  Now is the time to be hopeful and to trust.  Do Not Be Afraid.

I want to tell you so much more about this need, this opportunity, but it’s hard to express the hope in my heart.  When I first heard Mary’s Shelter might have to close, my heart was broken.  I know God loves every baby and I know God is calling on good people to be loving hands and hearts for each mother and baby from the first moment of conception.  But how could I follow the Lord and take on this financial challenge?

How could I not?  The faces of babies flashed through my mind . . . and then I’d see, as I was driving from one Good Counsel home to another, a pregnant mom on the street, or a baby in a carriage, or I’d hear the beautiful prayer of a child cooing at Mass.  I had to say yes, in faith, to this opportunity.  Mothers constantly call our hotline from all over the country.  I actually brought one mom from Florida to Good Counsel in New York, because she was at such extreme risk.  There is a terrible shortage of homes like Good Counsel across our country.  Who will help?

prolife, mary's shelter, gulf coast, alabama, family, expanding, year of mercy, crisis pregnancy, babies, mothersI thank God for you, because together you and I can do something.  Something real.  Something effective. Something life-changing. Lifesaving. With your help and Our Lord’s blessing, Good Counsel Mary’s Shelter Gulf Coast will care for every pregnant mother who comes to us in need.

Getting started will take an estimated $375,000, in addition to a modest monthly budget. It’s also urgently important to find a van – because Good Counsel Mary’s Shelter Gulf Coast is in a rural area, beyond walking distance to town, with no way for the moms to get to a grocery store, a doctor’s office, to essential services, or to church. I ask you now to join in helping many more moms and babies.

Today, more than anything, I need your prayers. Pray this transition goes smoothly, and mothers and babies already living at Good Counsel Mary’s Shelter Gulf Coast will not have to find another place to stay. Pray God blesses with such abundance that we can help more mothers in need.

And I pray you will give generously, right away. Please let me hear from you immediately. Thank you for opening your heart, once again, to mothers and babies in need. God bless you!




Christopher Bell

P.S. You and I will be able to continue the mission now at Good Counsel Mary’s Shelter Gulf Coast–and through all of Good Counsel’s homes in New York and New Jersey. God bless you for all your help.

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