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You may not believe this. I wish it weren’t true.

It was a typical beautiful, hot summer day.  Eyes were drooping with dark bags, too old looking for such a young girl.  Long, thin fingers with tan polished nails, all but the white ring finger, clutching a small, plastic bag full of personal items.  Ida walked in, slowly, zombie-like.

She’d lived in a car, in a shed, on the road ever since the father of her baby found out she was pregnant and kicked her out. The alternative, for many moms like Ida, is to think about not giving her baby a birth date, like she was told.

Days, weeks, she wasn’t exactly sure. Begging, selling what she had, doing anything for food. A woman she met on the street heard about our home, made the call, then drove her to our doorstep.  “Please have something to eat,” Kay Trattles, our program director said immediately. Almost too weak to eat.

Good Counsel Mary’s Shelter Gulf Coast is open for Ida because of God’s people. No government money.  That means to keep helping Ida, through her pregnancy and beyond, I need your help. Any gift will help, just click (here).

Just $100 will offer Ida food for a month.

A thousand dollar gift will keep a cool roof over her head and out of the rain along with another 11 other moms plus their children, right now two toddlers, three newborns, and the rest, as they say, on the way.

Even $50 will feed a newborn formula for longer than two weeks.

Any gift now, please?

And, please pray. Pray for Ida to recover her life, her spirit, her beauty.

I know you will help. I am praying for you too.

Please Give Now


Christopher Bell


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