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We are pleased to announce the launch of our Crisis Pregnancy Help website for homeless, pregnant, mothers in search of assistance.  The amount of calls to our 24-Hour helpline have increased exponentially.  Offering an online resource allows us to reach even more women in need.  Won’t you please help spread the word about this valuable resource for women in need, no matter where they live, so that we can assist them in any way possible?

At the new Crisis Pregnancy website, a mother in need can find the answers to some questions she may be worried about.  Sometimes, it takes a little more information, and a lot of courage, to take the next best step to a new life with their baby.  Questions like…

What is Good Counsel?

Good Counsel is a safe haven that provides residential homes for pregnant women and children in need.

What are the criteria to be accepted into your program?

helpAny pregnant woman regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion can be accepted.

Do I have to be pregnant?  Can I bring other children?

Pregnant women are given priority, and women with a baby less than six weeks old will also be considered.  Pregnant women with other children up to 5 years of age are welcome.

What services do you provide?  Is there a fee?

Good Counsel provides Case Management services including assistance with employment, social services, medical, school, housing, etc.  We offer life skills in spirituality, parenting, social skills, health, and nutrition.  There is no initial fee required.  Once an income is obtained residents are encouraged to contribute.

How long can I live in your program?

Good Counsel offers long term placement 12 through 18 months in the program.

I am not a U.S resident.  Am I still eligible?

Yes! Good Counsel does not discriminate against any pregnant woman.

Please visit the new Crisis Pregnancy website and share it with your friends and colleagues so we can get the word out that we are here for homeless, pregnant mothers, no matter what the circumstances.





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