What’s the Good News from Good Counsel?

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Once a week our house managers and administrative personnel meet via teleconference to share the news from each Good Counsel home.  It’s a productive time where joys, sorrows, and challenges are shared and accomplishments are celebrated.  It offers the chance to collaborate, share positive outcomes, and ask for prayers.  The highlights from just one weekly call offer both a broad and intricate picture of our mission statement in action.

In Spring Valley…

  • A baby boy arrived bringing the number of babies born at Good Counsel to 1,012! House Manager Nanette has not decided on the new baby boy’s nickname yet – these things take time!
  • One mom had a dedication ceremony for her baby – the service lasted three hours with lots to celebrate.
  • Another dedication will take place in just a few weeks and mom is very excited to plan the event.

parisianOver on Staten Island

  • There are 8 moms and 7 children in residence – 3 are very recent newborns.
  • One mom is participating in a business link program where she receives assistance with her resume, works on her job skills, and obtains help in finding employment.
  • 6-year-old Alejandra, whose mom is due with her baby brother or sister in about 3 weeks, had a great first week at school.
  • A longtime supporter of the Staten Island home will donate food to the house once a week and is also gathering colleagues to do the same.
  • House Manager Victoria will kick off exercise group next week and our moms are looking forward to it.

In South Jersey

  • We are blessed with 9 moms and 7 children. 4 of the moms are currently working.
  • One mom, relatively new to Good Counsel, was nervous about finding a job while 7 months pregnant, but she was hired on the spot when she went for an interview last week.
  • Two other moms are in a full-time continuing education program, a next best step toward a new life with their babies.
  • One mom who is bonding with her baby is planning to return to work in the next two weeks and will successfully transition out of Good Counsel by the end of the month!
  • The home was blessed to have two local girl scouts choose Good Counsel Riverside for their Gold Medal Award projects – our moms enjoyed being a part of both projects.
  • Two boys headed off to kindergarten together and were very excited.

Last, but not least, our Bronx home…

  • Is keeping very busy with 15 moms with 16 children!
  • A baby boy was welcomed on September 8th at 2 p.m. A healthy 8 pounds, 1 ounce, he and mom are doing just fine.  Mom returned home on September 11 and her two older children were excited to meet their new baby brother.
  • 6-year-old Micayah started first grade!
  • A new mom arrived at the Bronx home on August 26, went into labor on August 31st, and had her daughter on September 2! Mom and baby are doing very well and are settling into their bonding time.
  • 2 moms are attending Home Health Aide classes, 2 other moms are attending Certified Nursing Assistant courses, and 1 mom is set to begin culinary school.

All of this happens in just one week at Good Counsel!  We are grateful for your prayerful and financial support as we carry out our mission.  Have you considered becoming a Life Partner of Good Counsel?

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