Two Years Without Father Benedict Groeschel

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Two years ago at 11 p.m. my friend, my spiritual director, and my co-founder of Good Counsel, Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR, entered Eternal Life.  He died about the same time on October 3rd as St. Francis did in Assisi.

Fr. Benedict did so much in his life, and the desire to live more closely like St. Francis helped him and a small group of men to form a new community, which is named the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

Fr. Benedict’s love for the poor, more than his intellectual curiosity and ability, led him to the Franciscans when he could easily have joined any religious order.  This love for the poor, which came right out of Jesus’ love as explained in Matthew 25, also led him to start St. Francis Home for Boys and then later St. Francis Home for Girls, which is what we first called our home in Hoboken to help mothers and babies.  Only later did we incorporate Good Counsel, homes for mothers and babies.  new-fr-b-cover

He would often say that here in America, the poorest of the poor is a baby in the womb of a mother who is homeless and mentally ill.  Good Counsel’s Daystar home was started just for special needs moms and babies in that condition.

Fr. Benedict is not with us here on earth, but what he helped to start continues.  Today, Good Counsel has six homes and on some days more than 100 mothers and babies have safety, care, and much more under those six roofs.  Each week more than another 100 mothers are helped on the phones, online, through Exodus, and outreach staff.

During this anniversary month of Fr. Benedict’s death, would you consider praying for him as he said he wanted and knew he needed prayer, “everybody does.”  Also, might you consider making a memorial gift to Good Counsel in his name?  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  If you can afford a gift of $25 or more I would like to send you a commemorative book titled, “Father Benedict Groeschel: A Conversational Biography.”

This 99-page book was written during 2009 when Fr. Benedict was in his 50th year of priesthood.  This book is not being sold in any stores or by any other group.  I offer it to you as a special gift for your tax-deductible contribution, which is what Fr. Benedict wished in agreeing to have this book published.

Please click here if you would like to make a memorial donation today to assist Good Counsel.

Fr. Benedict would often say, “Pray for me after I am gone!” and I know you will continue to do so as I am, too.  Here is a short video that I did at the crypt where Father Benedict is laid to rest at Most Blessed Sacrament Friary in Newark, New Jersey.  Please feel free to watch and offer a prayer for our friend.

Good Counsel

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