Let there be room at the inn!

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Christmas is a most joyous and blessed season!  Unless you’re scared, alone, pregnant, and living on the street. Jennie can tell you, “Everything changed when I found out I was pregnant.” Her boyfriend kicked her out. Her father refused to help. She was begging to sleep on friends’ couches.

Your compassion opened Good Counsel’s doors to her.

I didn’t have a fancy place to offer her. Sometimes all we have is a bed in the chapel. Good Counsel’s homes are humble, maybe like the humble surroundings where Our Lord and His blessed Mother spent their first Christmas, “because there was no room for them in the inn.” (Luke 2:7)

Because of you, Jennie had a safe, warm place to sleep, nutritious meals, and the medical care a mom needs to keep herself and her baby healthy – and a big loving family.  You made that possible!

Tonight, another frightened young woman will come to Good Counsel’s door, maybe even afraid to choose life for her baby.  For her sake – and the sake of her baby – I ask: Will you please send a generous Christmas gift today?

I need your help. I never want to turn a mother in need away.

Jennie had a little boy – born just a few weeks ago – and you made a difference in their lives.

Your Christmas gift today will ensure other young moms and their babies have not only a wonderful Christmas, but bright hope for the future.

Please know that I am grateful to have you as my friend and partner in this work, at Christmas and always. Thank you.

Please Give Now



Christopher Bell


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