59 Babies in 2016!

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1,026… 1,030… 1,038!

On December 30, 2016, our Daystar Home excitedly announced the birth of a beautiful baby girl!  Letitia weighed in at a happy and healthy 8 pounds, 6 ounces.  She was 19 ¼ inches long.

Letitia is our 1,038 baby born at Good Counsel, but even more exciting is she was the 59th baby born at Good Counsel in 2016!  59 babies!  That’s a baby a week plus a few extra blessings!

1, 2, 3… awwwwwww!

Baby Letitia and her mom are home at Daystar, doing well, and bonding.  We ask for your prayers for both of them.

Not too long ago, we celebrated the birth of our 1,000th baby at Good Counsel – and now we begin 2017 with 1,038 babies.

1,038 lives have been saved because of your faithful, prayerful support and financial generosity.  Because of you, we begin 2017 with hope that our mission will continue and our doors will remain open to any homeless, pregnant mother.  We remain grateful and blessed to serve mothers in great need.  But, it all starts with love.  From a warm welcome when a mother first arrives, to the tender, loving care that is poured over her as she takes the necessary steps to secure a stable, productive, and successful life outside of Good Counsel for herself and for her family.

Along with celebrating 1,038 (and counting!) babies, we also celebrate our ability to provide countless nights of shelter, thousands of Life Skills classes, and hundreds of hours counseling each mother as she journeys from despair to hope.  We ask for your continued prayers for our dedicated staff and volunteers in the New Year.

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