Partnering Changes Lives

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You know Good Counsel’s homes for pregnant moms and their children are open 24/7.  A woman in trouble at midnight can call and come in our door.  There is never a slow season. Every day, every week, every month, only with your help, Good Counsel staff is ready to change lives by caring for both the mother and child who enter one of our residences.

I thank God for you and that’s why I am asking you to consider becoming a Good Counsel Partner for Life.  You’ve already partnered with me in this ministry for mothers and babies. You’ve invested in life, giving desperate mothers a way to say “yes” to life for their babies.  But, today I am asking you to really make a concerted effort to change lives!

As a Good Counsel Partner for Life you will transform the life of a mother and child… every month.

Your partnership helps me to count on your support every month.  Every family needs to budget to know what’s the income for the month in order to buy food, clothing, and to pay the electric bill.  Good Counsel’s family is no different.

What is different is that your monthly, tax-deductible gift will not only feed, clothe, and house mothers and babies but, you will provide childcare so a mom can return to school, find a job, and do much more for her to get on the road to independent living.  Now that’s real life changing!

Partners for Life are a special group of friends, committed to supporting the work of Good Counsel by giving $35 or more faithfully each month. Giving regularly, you will be helping another mother and child – every single month – who otherwise would have nowhere else to turn.

As a Partner for Life, you’ll have an opportunity for a deeper connection with the moms and babies you’re helping:

  1. I’ll send you a Partner for Life magnet frame and pictures of babies every month here at Good Counsel.
  2. You can send notes of encouragement to Good Counsel moms which will be posted in our homes.
  3. You’ll be invited to special call-in conferences and live-streaming events.
  4. I’ll be in touch with you, looking for your advice as we minister to moms and children in need.

Your compassionate help today will fulfill the calling of Christ in Luke 6:36: “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.” God has blessed you and me, and He calls us to bless those in greater need.

Please accept my invitation and become a Partner for Life of Good Counsel with a monthly gift of $35 or more.  By doing so you will ensure that Good Counsel has the resources to serve every day of the year through every season!



Christopher Bell
Good Counsel President

P.S. Become a Partner for Life so that you can enjoy the special benefits listed above but more importantly, together we will be CHANGING LIVES!

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