Abortion was her only option until...

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Lent is a time of compassion, mercy, and serving. Our Lord calls us to a ministry of “bringing the afflicted and the homeless into your house” (Isaiah 58:7 NAB).  And I have committed Good Counsel to that!

Here, a mother in need will find a warm and safe place, nutritious meals, and the tools and support she needs to become a great mother. Any time. Day or night.  Right now, in the dead of winter, there is a mother alone on the streets. No family. No friends. No support. No place to live. And she’s pregnant.

She thinks she only has one option: abortion.

But thankfully, there is another choice. Good Counsel provides courageous moms a safe haven so their babies can live!  Moms are welcomed with open arms and offered the physical, emotional, and spiritual care she needs, so she can have her baby, care for her baby, and take steps towards self-sufficiency.

I never want to say “no” to a mom who arrives on Good Counsel’s doorstep.

Please give as generous a Lenten gift as you can. You’ll be sharing God’s love with every mother who comes through Good Counsel’s doors.

Thank you. May God bless you!




Christopher Bell



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