Abortion with No Guilt. No Shame. No Stigma. No Dignity.

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There is no doubt that one of the biggest objectives of the pro abortion movement is to remove the “stigma” of abortion. Contrary to what many of us who have experienced abortion proclaim, the pro aborts refuse to accept the fact that we feel shame and stigma because we participated in the death of our own children. Instead, they deny the truth and would like us and everyone else to believe that stigma is something that comes from outside of us; a societal burden to be blamed on religion, family, or anything but the fact that our child is dead.

Citing the “1-in-3 statistic,” abortion, they say, is no longer “rare,” but a normal occurrence in the life of any or every woman. The pro aborts are working overtime to get us to believe their rhetoric.  In fact, there is a documentary about it!  Remarkably Normal is an attempt by director, Marie Sproul, and writer, Jessi Blue Gormezano, to end the stigma attached to abortion. We are told the text of the play comes from real women, although for anonymity, names have been changed.  In case we may think it might be depressing, we are told it is not bleak, but, in fact, includes humor! NARAL, prochoice, prolife, women's rights, women's healthcare, abortion activismSo, here is a play seeking to de-stigmatize abortion which is “normal,” yet the names of the women are changed, something contradictory to what they are professing to do.  The silence surrounding abortion, they tell us, is what brings shame, not the abortion itself.

Remarkably Normal we are told, seeks to humanize those who have abortions. It is good to humanize these women. The truth is, good, wonderful women have abortions and we do need to understand why someone felt the need to abort, but not for the same reasons. Instead of trying to understand in order to remove stigma, we need to try to understand so we can provide alternatives. Understanding why does not change the fact that abortion kills an unborn child and all the documentaries in the world will not change the truth.

Then, there is the video NARAL Pro-Choice America has released entitled, Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions.  Moving from “choice” to what they consider an “absolute good,” rare is deleted from the dialogue and abortion without limitation is the goal society must now accept.  They think that by injecting humor, abortion will somehow not be the violent killing of an unborn child. Like slight of hand in a magic trick, NARAL aims to divert our attention from the truth, but it does not work.

NARAL and Lady Parts Justice, another extreme pro abortion group, demonstrated outside of the Republican Convention in Ohio. “We’ve had an amazing week in Cleveland, and the best is yet to come.” NARAL boasts, “Throughout the city, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio has been staging protests with our new friends, Lady Parts Justice! They’ll be capping off a terrific run with a hilarious comedy show Thursday night, and tickets are still available.”

NARAL, prochoice, prolife, women's rights, women's healthcare, abortion activism, lady parts justice, naral, remarkably normal, 1 in 3 campaignLady Parts Justice also promoted it’s October event where they streamed their 1st annual “Golden Probes,” a show pointing out those politicians who seek to reduce abortions. Abortion with no limitations, no restrictions, for any reason, at any time. We’ve moved a long way from “safe & rare.”

Something has really hit me about all of these initiatives.  In their quest to make abortion normal, they are killing the very essence of who they are as people in the desperate hope of making the stigma surrounding abortion go away. With a fierce determination, new approaches continue to pop up.

Show no Shame! Prove abortion is no big deal. Be outrageous!  Kill your conscience, kill your human nature as a woman, and reduce yourself to your uterus and other female body parts. Become dead to your femininity, grace, the very essence of who you are as a woman and the stigma will go away!

They really believe that if you can do this, that if you reduce and expose it all and show people it is no big deal to you the shame will go away. Yet, it still falls short.  Try as they might, the stigma still remains. Sadly, the only people these deadened, desperate women are kidding are themselves.

Stigma continues to be attached to abortion and always will be. It is not normal for a woman to participate in the death of her own child no matter how difficult the circumstances may be.

No, stigma and shame are here to stay. Sadly, what is truly lost for these women is their very dignity.

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