Please Help Good Counsel With Heating Bills This Winter

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Last week I posted an important message about Good Counsel’s 2017 Winter Heating Appeal.  Thankfully, a number of generous donors gave right away, but I’m sorry to say we’re still short of our $8,250 campaign goal by more than $6,000.

Since the northeast is known to often have dangerously cold nights, putting the lives of many destitute mothers and their unborn babies at risk, Good Counsel continues its unwavering commitment to say YES to any pregnant mother in dire need.

But we can only live out this commitment with your help today.

Our Winter Heating Appeal’s goal is to raise $8,250, which will help offset the cost of providing warmth and safety for more than 110 souls (mothers, young children, and unborn babies) throughout our five homes in the northeast.

Like many others, you may have experienced a loss of heat due to a power outage or broken furnace at some point in your life.  Remember how uncomfortable that was during the winter nights?  Could you imagine living through that while 7 months pregnant?

Many of our pregnant mothers can relate to this experience, but thanks to generous supporters like you, they and their children can now sleep soundly each night in the warm comfort of our Good Counsel homes.

However, we need more donations for our Winter Heating Appeal to continue providing a warm, loving home for each of our moms and babies.

Yes, I Want to Help Heat Your Homes


Thank you and God bless you!


Christopher Bell

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