Daystar, a Home for the Most Vulnerable Mothers & Babies

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Let’s create a new springtime for Good Counsel’s Daystar home

Just as spring has sprung, Good Counsel is looking forward to new life – a springtime – for one of our homes called Daystar.

Good Counsel’s Daystar home was started back in 1999 because I saw that many homeless, pregnant women, who suffered from a dual diagnosis, meaning a mental illness and/or an addiction, had nowhere to go.  Most residential programs throughout the country would say no for admission, particularly if a woman’s substance abuse problem was less than 30 days old.

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We know that a young pregnant woman who is homeless does not have 30 days to wait, and there are far too many other agencies out there who would point her toward an abortion.

A Respect for ALL Human Life

A respect for all human life means taking care of everyone, and I never want to say “no” to any pregnant woman in need, because each human life is sacred and a gift from God.

And so Good Counsel opened Daystar on the grounds of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Harrison, New York in 1999, and up until a year ago we assisted many hundreds of women and their children.  Some women who had been told they were unable to parent found the medical assistance they needed in order to make a successful transition to independent living, while other Daystar moms made a decision to choose adoption.

Our Need is Great

Last year, Good Counsel’s Daystar home needed to find a temporary residence in Mount Vernon, New York.  The building we are currently in is cramped, and we are only able to house six mothers and their children.  We need to expand and grow because Good Counsel Daystar is one of only a small handful of places in the entire United States where a pregnant mother with a dual diagnosis can live and receive the special care she needs.

I should also point out that because there are so few places for a woman with a dual diagnosis to go, we have pregnant women coming to Daystar from all over the country.

Help Create a New Springtime for Daystar

We have located a former convent that belonged to St. Joseph’s Church in Yonkers, New York that will double our capacity, allowing us to serve more pregnant mothers with such a great need in the years ahead.  This former convent is also located near St. Joseph’s Hospital in Yonkers, which means that our mothers can literally walk to the facility for their doctor appointments and other medical needs.

However, the City of Yonkers is asking Good Counsel for a number of building upgrades, including the installation of a new sprinkler system before we can legally move in, and so I am asking you to please help us.

The building upgrades and the expansion of services, as Daystar moves to double its capacity, means Good Counsel needs to raise $200,000 for this special home.

A Humble Plea for Your Support

Can you please assist Good Counsel in creating a new springtime for Daystar with a tax-deductible gift today?  Please click here to donate.

A few weeks ago Good Counsel celebrated its 32nd anniversary because of you and others who have sacrificially donated, volunteered, and prayed for the work we do.  Your generosity does not go unnoticed, neither by Good Counsel nor Our Lord.

Thank you for the many ways you say YES to life and give the poorest of the poor – homeless, pregnant women – an opportunity for a new springtime.

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Christopher Bell
President, Good Counsel

P.S. Thank you for helping Good Counsel’s Daystar home expand and be renewed this Spring.  Please Give Now!

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