New Life on Holy Thursday

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From today’s Lenten Reflection series…Holy Thursday

Readings for today:
Exodus 12: 1-8, 11-14
Psalm 116:  Our blessing-cup is a communion with the Blood of Christ
John 13: 1-15

Holy Thursday begins the Triduum, the three days that lead up to Easter Sunday.  Technically Lent ends, but there is still fasting and abstinence from meat that is encouraged for tomorrow, Good Friday. Mass is generally celebrated during the evening to coincide with the Gospel which commemorates Jesus’ celebrating Passover and His Last Supper which institutes the Eucharist, the priesthood, and a life dedicated to service.

It might be simplistic to say but, most who work at Good Counsel do so in the context of Christian service.  There may be similar secular jobs where staff can work but the opportunity to more fully help people in a Christian environment motivates many because it gives them an opportunity to live out their faith.

Whether we work in Christian ministry or not, Jesus does invite all of us to live a more deeply meaningful life.  The invitation begins on this Holy Thursday.  If you can, perhaps you can go to church tonight and maybe invite a friend.

Prayer for Today:  Dear Jesus, thank you for giving Yourself fully to us and for teaching us that we are to wash each other’s feet.  Always keep a desire in my heart to more fully live a life devoted to You.  Amen.

And please keep the staff, administration, and volunteers in your prayers this Holy Week.

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