Good Counsel for Mother's Day

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You need a child to be a mother and God bless the mother who loves her child.

God bless you Mom, my Mom who is now with the Lord.  God bless my grandmothers whom I never met but certainly felt their love and affection through the lives of both my parents. God bless my godmother and aunts, not all who had children, who were ever kind and gentle their whole lives. God bless every Good Counsel mother who is struggling, trying to be the best mother she can be. God bless our staff, volunteers and you – you who are part of the Good Counsel family – for the love you have, sacrificial, caring, encouraging in every thought, word, deed and prayer like a mother.

Yes, you need a child to love to be a mother.

Love, real love, is sacrifice. I just heard that kind of love and sacrifice on the phone when a young woman, through tears, said “I just want to be a good mother,” but everyone she knows is telling her to “just get rid of it and you’ll be fine.”  Fine.  As though it doesn’t matter.

No man or woman is “fine” after taking the life of their child. God forgives, thank the Lord, but the natural need to grieve the loss, to regret the death, to be forgiven for the part taken in ending a life is all real and deep.

Many of our sisters, daughters, cousins, aunts, and even mothers have gone down that road of seeking “fine.” Today, let us remember and pray also that our loving Lord, who is infinite mercy and love, is felt in the hearts of every mother and father who ever lost a child.

Let’s not forget any mother today, in our thoughts and prayers, even the one who is very much motherly, but has never even conceived a child. In her heart, her love and caring is all as real as Our Mother Mary, who bore just one Son, but is now the New Mother of All The Living.

God bless you, especially you Mother, on this special day.


Christopher Bell


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