No Summer Recess for Good Counsel Helpline! Please Give Today!

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When Bailey uttered the beautiful words, “I’m going to have a baby,” her world was unexpectedly turned upside down! Her boyfriend who fathered their child was furious and offered very different words, ones that were quite ugly: get rid of it or get out.

Bailey was horrified. She couldn’t kill her baby, but she didn’t realize that the decision to choose life for her beautiful child would leave her homeless.  Pregnant and abandoned, she lived on the streets in order to survive.

Bailey’s nightmare is tragically common. Mothers like Bailey arrive at Good Counsel’s door all year long with a similar story and that is why I need your help right now!help, give, summer, hotlline, helpline, pregnancy, maternity home, homeless, children, babies, prolife, abortion

Summer is the time of year when giving typically slows down, but the needs of homeless, pregnant mothers don’t take a vacation.

I have cut expenses dramatically this summer, but items like the 24/7 toll-free helpline (800-723-8331) and the staff who answer desperate calls cannot be reduced.  Why?  Because a caring, live, human being is needed to answer the helpline 24/7.

If a mom like Bailey calls at 2:00 am and gets voice mail instead of speaking with an actual person, she may not try to call again, or worse, she may be tempted to call the abortion clinic.

Your gift right now of $25, $50, $75, $100 or more will make a world of difference.  Your gift allows Good Counsel to always say, “YES” to the next mother like Bailey who calls and wants to choose life.  “No” is not an option for the homeless, pregnant, woman living on the street!

Your generous gift today will be an expression of God’s love for mothers and children in need! I ask you to please, prayerfully give a special gift today.  I ask that you give the gift of “Yes.”

Thank you for caring and may God bless you!

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Christopher Bell
President of Good Counsel


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