Please Help Me Say YES to Every Homeless, Pregnant Mother

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Not many of us like to hear the word No.

Now imagine that you are pregnant, homeless, and suffering from a mental illness or addiction.

The word “no” can be deadly for you and your baby!

Some residential programs require a 30 day waiting period before entering.  If Good Counsel waited 30 days before opening our door, there is no telling what would happen to the mother and child. I don’t want their deaths on my conscience and I’m sure you want to do all that you can to help also.

I want to say YES to every mom who calls Good Counsel looking for help, regardless of their emotional, psychological, or chemically-dependent state. I believe, and so did our co-founder Father Benedict Groeschel, that this is what it means to take care of the poorest of the poor in the United States.

A young woman named Mimi offers an example of what I am talking about. Mimi has a treatable mental illness and with the right care, is able to work. Thankfully, Good Counsel had room in our Daystar home when she called for help.

Daystar is a special place – one of only a few homes in the entire U.S. – that will take in homeless, pregnant women who have a mental illness or substance abuse problem. It is sad, but true, that most other maternity homes will turn women like Mimi away.

Currently Good Counsel’s Daystar home in Westchester County, New York is bursting at the seams.  There is a need for a larger residence because the need to house more women like Mimi is so great.

We have identified a former convent that belonged to St. Joseph’s Church in Yonkers that would DOUBLE our occupancy rate from six to twelve pregnant moms plus their children! Can you help Good Counsel expand this vital outreach?

In order to move into the City of Yonkers, there are a number of building upgrades that need to be done to the former convent. A new sprinkler system has to be installed, electrical and plumbing work is needed, and we will need to furnish the home with additional beds and cribs.  In addition, Good Counsel will need to hire some additional Daystar staff to accommodate the larger number of moms and babies.

All of this will cost approximately $200,000.

It is a lot of money but, what is the cost of saving the life of Mimi and her baby who otherwise would be left to fend for themselves on the street?

As someone of good faith, I am sure you would agree that every life is priceless!

I ask you to please consider donating your most generous, tax-deductible gift, to Good Counsel today.

Every dollar will assist us the expansion of Daystar home and care for the poorest of the poor!


Christopher Bell

P.S. On behalf of Mimi, her baby, and all who reside in our Daystar home, THANK YOU for having an open heart so that when a troubled soul calls Good Counsel they will always hear the word: YES!!

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