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August 2017 - Good Counsel

No Matter Where or When, Good Counsel is Here

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21-year-old Michelle is an inspiration.  The 1,200 mile journey that brought her to Good Counsel did not dampen her determination.  Now, her perseverance is paying off!

Michelle was living in Florida with the father of her baby, Laylaniz, who was born in May.  Sadly, and all too common with the women we serve, Michelle’s living situation became violent and she had to flee for the safety of herself and her baby girl.  She finally made it to her mother’s home in New Jersey.  However, because her mother lives in a 55+ community, Michelle’s time there was limited.  Now what? Read More

You Make Cuteness Possible! Thank you!

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All of our homes have been a flurry of excitement as of late.  From the baby boom down at Mary’s Shelter Gulf Coast to the five local homes here in the north, baby blessings abound!

Please welcome baby girl Xanitah, who just happens to be the 1,082nd (!) baby born into the Good Counsel family.  Her mom, K’Shonna, is a resident at one of our New York homes.  Xanitah was born on August 21st at 3:42 a.m.  She weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces.  Mom and baby are doing very well, bonding, and getting to know one another.  Wait until you see how cute she is!

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Where there is hope, there is life – and lots of it!

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Good Counsel Mary’s Shelter Gulf Coast is filled with life, love, and babies!  So many babies!

Mary’s Shelter recently marked the one year anniversary of its opening for homeless, pregnant mothers in the Gulf Coast area.  The home was at full capacity in a very short time.  The Mary’s Shelter House Manager recently reported that she had six (6!) pregnant mothers all due within weeks of each other in June and July.

And then the babies came! Read More

Welcome Baby Rebecca, Your Mom Has Been Waiting for You!

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Erin is one energetic young lady!  Her time at Good Counsel has been a flurry of activity, making sure she does all she can to create a stable, independent environment for herself and her baby who was due on July 22nd.  She very much enjoys going through all of the programs that Good Counsel has offered her, including life skills classes and preparation for job seeking after her baby is born.  Erin showed no signs of slowing down as her due date approached.  She didn’t slow down after her baby decided that July 22 was not going to be her birthday either! Read More

A Lot Can Happen in a Year Thanks to You!

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In May, 2016, Mary’s Shelter became a Good Counsel home, and a wonderful renewal has taken place. The new moniker, “Good Counsel Mary’s Shelter Gulf Coast,” while quite a mouthful, best describes who we are and what we believe.

Over the past year, no pregnant woman in need, regardless of her personal circumstances, has been turned away. While this presents challenges, as our residents may suffer from abuse, mental illness, and drug addiction, it allows us to witness to those most in need. GCMSGC provides a loving home for all. Read More

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