1,104 BABIES! How many will there be by December 31st?

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December is turning out to be quite a baby boom here at Good Counsel, and what a great time of year for it!  What better Christmas present could there be than a precious bundle of joy?

Please welcome Baby Girl Kiliana!  Kiliana was born on December 10, 2017.  A petite 5 pounds, 7 ounces, she was 19 inches long.  She didn’t waste any time making her grand debut, and the unexpected snow storm made things extra exciting for mom and staff.  Kiliana is the 1,104th baby born into our Good Counsel family.

Kiliana and all of the babies born here at Good Counsel have been saved because of your faithful, prayerful support, and financial generosity.  Because of you, we never say no to any homeless, pregnant mother in need.  We remain grateful and blessed to serve the poorest of the poor with love.  From a warm welcome when a mother first arrives to the tender, loving care that is poured over her as she takes the necessary steps to secure a stable, productive, and successful life outside of Good Counsel for herself and for her family.

Even with all you have done for Good Counsel, the end of 2017 leaves us with an urgent need looming.

Your help now will allow Good Counsel to keep saying yes every time a mother calls or arrives at our door. Our national helpline will continue to say YES to women across the nation and refer them to a good, safe place for help. Your dollars will be stretched to give real hope and concrete help for every pregnant mother in need.

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