5 Ways to Help Good Counsel this Christmas

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Good Counsel is blessed by donors near and far who generously support our ministry in traditional fundraising ways like events, walks, dinners, and even formal galas.  But lately we’ve noticed that others are fundraising for Good Counsel on their own!

We are so grateful for these inspiring, creative people who have raised funds in fun and unique ways.  We wanted to share their ideas and some others with you if you would like to help homeless, pregnant mothers take the next best step in life.

  1. December birthday? Already have enough stuff?  Did you state “no gifts” on your party invitation?  Why not make your birthday extra special by donating your day to change lives. Ask your guests in lieu of gifts for you – to instead bring baby items, diapers, formula, et cetera.  Milestone birthday?  Why not celebrate your life by changing the lives of others with a donate page?
  2. Christmas Baby? Expecting your second, third, fourth… bundle of joy and have everything you need for the little one’s arrival?  Why not throw a baby shower anyway – but to benefit the mothers at Good Counsel.  Recently the Altar and Rosary Society of St. Frances and St. Clare in South Jersey held a Baby Shower for Jesus.  It was a lovely evening complete with appetizers, dinner, and homemade Italian desserts. A Good Counsel mom, Alexa, and her baby Harper, were the guests of honor.
  3. Christmas & New Year’s!  Christmas and the New Year are right around the corner.  The holiday season is always a good time to think of those less fortunate.  Why not host a house party to benefit the moms and babies of Good Counsel.  Gather with friends to cook, eat, and bake Christmas cookies, whatever your holiday passion, and together raise funds to change the lives of homeless, pregnant women.
  4. Hosted Events!  Any event you may have planned or are planning can be turned into a fundraiser for Good Counsel.  Recently, a young couple expecting their first child hosted a “Baby Boom” day party to celebrate and share the love they have received by partying for a cause close to their hearts – Good Counsel.
  5. Small Businesses!  A parishioner of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Highlands, NJ decided to raise funds for Good Counsel after hearing a representative from Good Counsel speak at her church.  “This summer I will be teaching laughter yoga in Middletown and I will make the donation go towards Good Counsels Homes because it touched me to hear you speak about the good work you all are doing for these women and newborn babies and I would love to support your project in my humble way.”  Why not brainstorm about what your small business could do for the mothers and babies of Good Counsel.

These out-of-the-box self-managed fundraisers are a great way for an individual or a group to raise even more funds for Good Counsel.  The Christmas season is a time to be grateful for all that we have and to take care of those who may not have enough.

If you decide to host an event or other gathering – let us know and we will help you to promote it on Good Counsel’s social media.

For more information on other ways to help Good Counsel, please click here.


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