A boy, a boy, and another boy makes 1,100 Babies!

Posted by | December 05, 2017 | News | One Comment

The saying goes that boys are made of snips & snails, and puppy dog tails… but the three newest additions to the Good Counsel family also have cuteness and grace in spades!  The cuteness factor may be genetic, but the grace comes from God alone.

Because of your friendship, relentless prayers, and financial support – three very brave women found their way to the door of a Good Counsel home.  Whatever the circumstances of their lives before their arrival, once inside a warm and loving home, the goal for all is a healthy mom and a healthy baby on their way to a better life filled with hope for the future.

1,100 babies have been born into the Good Counsel family – that’s 100 babies since we celebrated the awesome milestone of 1,000 babies in July of last year.  With the newest addition of Good Counsel Malta House of Connecticut, the possibilities for more milestones of life and love are endless!

There are ample opportunities this Christmas Season to support the mothers and babies of Good Counsel. Have you reserved your seat for the Father Benedict Groeschel Awards Dinner 2017?  Click here for tickets today!

As a thank you for all that you do – we offer again this year a free Advent series – Journey Toward Lifeclick here to sign up today!

Finally – don’t miss out on the Free Concert for Life featuring two world renowned musicians, Megan Weston and Michael Fennelly.  Click here for details.

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