Urgent Financial Video Message from Christopher Bell

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Please watch this urgent message from Christopher Bell, President of Good Counsel.


Video Transcript:

Hi, it’s Chris Bell at Good Counsel Homes, where we help mothers and babies.

It’s kind of late at night; that’s why there are no babies around. I’d love to hold one and show you.

But in our seven Good Counsel homes we have more than 50 babies and more than 50 moms. We need your help.

I have more than a half million dollars of debt I have to pay off for this year. So, please give generously.

If you give before December 31, 2017 – you give online or put a check in the mail – that will be tax deductible for your 2017 tax returns.

And please also spread the word that there’s always hope and always concrete help for any pregnant woman who is in a crisis.

And lastly, pray for us. Pray for our moms and babies. Pray for our staff. I will pray for you and for your intentions.

Thank you so very much and God bless you.

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