Urgent Need: $754k year-end shortfall – Please Help Us!

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URGENT NEED: Good Counsel needs $753,800 by December 31st or we’ll be forced to cut back on our services. Please Help!

Dear Friend,

68 babies (and counting!) were born into the Good Counsel family so far this year, and two more are due any day now. There have been 1,100 births since 1985. All 1,100 babies might not have made it if it weren’t for your seemingly endless and generous support of our mission to assist homeless, pregnant mothers who have nowhere else to go. And because of you, Good Counsel now has 7 homes established in 4 states, most recently in Alabama and Connecticut.

But even with all we have done with your ongoing support, there is still a great need to be met before the end of 2017. I urgently need $753,800 by December 31 to say “yes” to the desperate mom and to provide for the mothers and babies currently in our care.

So, I am asking you today to please send a year-end gift to help meet this critical need.

For the sake of each baby – before and after birth – and for each mom, we need to ensure they are fed, clothed, sheltered, and most of all loved.

Good Counsel’s ministry has never been so stretched financially. During 2017, capacity in all homes was more than 108%! Once, I agreed to put a cot in the chapel at our Riverside home in South Jersey because there were no rooms available. Could I say NO to a mother weeping at our doorstep?

As I cradle a newborn baby at Good Counsel, it’s Christmas no matter what day of the year it is. This is God’s gift of life. A new life made in our Lord’s image. Like the gift God gave on that very first Christmas long ago. Every child is a gift from God. Every child is a Christmas miracle.

Your prayers and generosity have also allowed moms to move out and move on, to live on their own, and provide well for their babies. Praise God!

Like Mary, “because there was no room for them in the inn” (Luke 2:7), the moms had no place else they could turn to when they came to Good Counsel.

If you help me today, I know God will help us together… to care for the mothers and babies our Lord has brought to us, to help moms become self-sufficient, to provide the diapers, baby clothes, formula, meals, healthcare, classes, counseling, spiritual guidance – and of course, shelter – they will need to become the wonderful mothers God intends.

Everything depends on paying the bills by the end of the year. If I can’t, I’ll have to make cuts in the services we provide to the mothers and babies in Good Counsel’s care. Please don’t let this happen!

All of what Good Counsel does depends on you, caring friends like you. So, I’m praying I will hear from you right away so I can meet this $753,800 need.

Most importantly, please stand – or better yet – kneel with me in prayer. Pray with me that this need will be met. Pray that Good Counsel can care for every mother and every miracle… every baby. Pray that every time there’s a knock at the door, Good Counsel can say, “Welcome home!”

Thank you! God bless you!




Christopher Bell
President of Good Counsel

P.S. I’m praying I will hear from you today so we can meet our $753,800 need. Cutting the services we provide to our moms and babies is something I cannot allow to happen! GIVE NOW!

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