Thank You for Helping Us in 2017

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The mission of Good Counsel calls us to recognize…

“…that the dignity of God-given life, from the moment of conception, fosters a nurturing, safe, family environment, encouraging self-respect and independence for pregnant mothers and their children in a diverse community of all faiths and beliefs.”

Over the last year your gift has made the fulfillment of this Mission possible for hundreds of women and children in seven Good Counsel homes in four states.

Let me tell you about two of our moms.

The first, Ann, a homeless, pregnant 18-year-old, called our home in Alabama at 1 a.m. She was living in a storage container over two hours away in Florida. She was without food, heat or electricity, and was cold and hungry.  No program in her area would take her. Without a second thought our staff member, Kim, drove through the night, picked her up, and brought her home. Today Ann and her unborn child are safe and well cared for.

Another example of what your gift does is Dee. She is living in one of our New York homes and received funding for her GED as well as transportation to and from school . She passed her test and went on to the College of Staten Island where she completed a Medical Assistant Certificate Program. Today she is much more prepared to take care of her child.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your help in serving the hundreds of moms and children who come to our doors each year. Without your help these miracles wouldn’t be possible. THANK YOU!

Please keep praying for all of us at Good Counsel. I, and our Good Counsel family, are praying for you.

God bless you.


Christopher Bell
President of Good Counsel

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