A New Beginning for Mothers & Babies this Easter

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The Life-Changing Power of the Resurrection

Victoria’s support system growing up consisted of counselors at the Department of Social Services. She had no family. No friends . . .

She found a boyfriend and hoped life would improve. But then she became pregnant—he left, and she was kicked out of the place she’d been living. Victoria had no idea how she’d survive, let alone have her baby. Be a mother? It seemed impossible.

Victoria’s pregnancy might have ended in tragedy. But by God’s grace, your love stepped in!

Thanks to you, I could say “yes” and welcome Victoria and offer a safe home, a real bed, meals, formula, diapers, baby clothes, and trips to the doctor—all the basics a mother needs to care for her newborn.

I’m asking you today to help another mom in crisis. She will arrive at Good Counsel and will need you. Will you give a special Easter Gift today to help ensure I can say “yes” and welcome her in God’s love?

As Easter approaches, I cannot think of a more powerful and appropriate expression of God’s love than the way your compassion allows a young mother to choose a better life for her baby. You provide the help she and her baby need for a fresh start and hope for a happy and healthy future.

Please send a gift today.


Your generosity truly demonstrates the love and power of “the one who raised Christ from the dead” (Romans 8:11) to young mothers in crisis. Your gifts declare all life is precious—and moms and their babies are especially precious—to Him.

Thank you and God bless you.


Christopher Bell

Make this a blessed Easter for her!

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